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Are you ready for a disaster?

Are you ready for a disaster?

Recently Austin Disaster Relief Network posted a great list and ways to develop a plan for you and your family. We thought it was so beneficial that we wish to share it.

Family Contact Plan
• Who will you contact in the event of a disaster? Make sure every family member ha full contact information (Phone numbers, email address, addresses)
• Sometimes local cell phone service is disrupted locally, but both parties can contact someone in a different geographic area (ie: out of state).  Designate a friend or family member that live several hours away that you can both call
• Text one another when cell phone service is disrupted

Evacuation Plan
• Designate a meeting point close to the house in case family members use different exits
• Designate a meeting point outside of town in case family members are separated before or during disaster
• Designate friend or relative several hours away who can provide temporary housing during local evacuation

Disaster Supplies
• Build a kit of disaster supplies, food and water for each family member (one gallon per person per day)
• Buy key items first, then build it over time.  Buy a few extra items each time you go to the grocery store until you've built your supply
• Do not store bottled plastic containers of water directly on concrete floors (ie: garage floors)

Grab and Go Bag (what you grab when you have 30 seconds to leave)
• Pack bag for each family member
• Include change of clothes, including undergarments, socks, shoes (2-3 days)
• Include copies of vital documents (driver's licenses, birth/marriage certificates, passports, social security cards, insurance cards)- consider saving these on password-protected USB drives for privacy purposes
• Include toiletries for three days
• Cash in small bills and coins or travelers' checks
• Emergency contact information (out of state friends/family, doctors, hospitals, etc.)
• Consider a bag for your car too

• Channel 184 on car satellite radio for severe weather/emergency updates
• Make sure gas is turned off, no leaks before using grills, matches, candles or other heat cooking, lighting sources
• Buy foods you'll eat and eat what you buy - rotate food supplies to ensure you have fresh, un-expired food


Recommended Disaster Supplies

Food and Water (3 day min for family member)
• Water: 1 gal per person per day in non-breakable container. Best : 2-week supply per person.
• Food: non-perishable, 3600 calorie min. Avoid foods that make you thirsty
• Water purifiers (tablets or iodine tablets)
• Manual can opener
• Disposable eating utensils

• First aid kit (one at home, each car and work)
• Non-prescription drugs (vitamins, pain relievers)
• Prescription drugs (at least 3-day supply, 1-month preferred
• Insect repellant
• Sun Block

• Personal hygiene kit: toothbrush, paste, soap, comb, razor, deodorant, feminine supplies, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.
• Moist towelettes
• Household chlorine bleach (for cleaning)
• Waterless hand sanitizer
• Small plastic bags with ties or zip-top bags
• Dentures 
• Hearing Aids and batteries

• Battery powered radio and extra batteries
• Solar or hand-crank radio
• Several flashlights and extra batteries
• Highway flares
• Cell phone with charger, extra batteries
• Emergency candles and matches in waterproof container

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